Center for Information Technology Services

Computer Network Upgrade Underway

The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) has begun an upgrade of computer network equipment that will dramatically increase the speed and capacity of the campus network.  

The first phase of the upgrade calls for replacement of the switches in the network core, located in Howard Hall. The current switches support 1G (1 gigabit, or 1,000 megabits) of data per second. The new switches will accommodate speeds of 10G per second. The School of Medicine has upgraded its core network equipment to 10G and the School of Pharmacy has new building networking equipment that is 10G capable. CITS will work with schools and departments to further upgrade local network connections to take advantage of the increased core network speed and capacity.

The network equipment upgrade project will include equipment on the “edge” of the campus network. Redundant firewalls and routers will be installed to enable 10G access to the Internet, Internet2, the National LambdaRail, and other research networks around the world. In addition, equipment that performs packet shaping, intrusion prevention, and packet inspection will be upgraded to accommodate the new 10G bandwidth. 

Also included in the project is installation of 10G networking equipment in the new, next generation campus data center at 300 W. Lexington St. This data center will house campus, school, and department computing equipment as well as equipment for high-performance computing and storage for faculty research projects. The facility will have redundant fiber paths back to the core networking equipment in Howard Hall at 10G speeds.

The core equipment upgrades and installation of 10G capable equipment in Howard Hall and in the new computing facility at 300 W. Lexington St. will be done in a few phases, with the entire project targeted for completion by mid-2011.  For more information regarding this project as well as other campus IT projects and activities, see the campus IT Plan and updates at