Center for Information Technology Services

300 West Lexington Street Computing Facility Is Open

CITS continues to build out the new UMB computing facility at 300 West Lexington Street, which is only a short distance from the campus.  This common computing facility is where space and resources are shared among CITS (University systems), schools, departments, and faculty.  A redundant 10 gigabit per second network connection to the campus network is in the process of being installed and will be completed later this spring.  The computing room is approximately 3200 square feet of clean computer room space that already had the necessary power, cooling equipment, generator and other needed infrastructure components for operating a computing facility. Twenty-five racks for computing equipment have been installed, powered-up, and are being environmentally conditioned (cooled).  These racks are also fed by conditioned power and backed up with uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

The facility is being used to relocate existing equipment from overcrowded campus computer rooms; to house equipment for campus production systems as well as for back-up systems and storage for business continuity purposes; to locate some school and department equipment for production and/or back-up purposes; and, to provide equipment for high-performance computing and storage for faculty research projects.

CITS is in the process of working with interested parties to develop procedures and guidelines for use of the facility.