Center for Information Technology Services

Electronic Travel Request and Expense Forms Coming to UMB

In conjunction with the Financial Systems Group and Financial Services, CITS is working to develop online, workflow-enabled electronic Travel Request and Travel Expense forms.  These forms will be the latest offerings in an expanding collection of online self-service tools.  Employees will be able to enter travel request and expense information in the eUMB Financial System, scan images for supporting documentation, and route all documents electronically to their supervisors and department travel administrators for approval.  Supervisors and travel administrators will be notified via email of pending approval requests, and will have the ability to view scanned documents and approve forms online.  Benefits to the campus of these new forms include:

  • Eliminating all paper travel requests and expense statements
  • Enabling employees and/or travel administrators to submit travel forms from anywhere
  • Ensuring greater data accuracy by leveraging online edits built into the electronic forms
  • Improving efficiency of approval processes by routing all forms electronically
  • Enabling employees to track the status of their forms from submission to approval
  • Providing instant access to all previously submitted forms and scanned attachments for employees and travel administrators
  • Providing better reporting capabilities for all campus travel data

These new forms are scheduled to be implemented for a pilot group in the late spring of 2011.  Rollout to the entire campus community is expected in the early fall of 2011.  Online as well as classroom training will be available for all employees, supervisors, and travel and departmental administrators in conjunction with the implementation of this new electronic service offering.