Center for Information Technology Services

Electronic Timesheets - New Users, New Features

Electronic Timesheet for Non-Exempt and Hourly Employees
Following the successful implementation of the new Electronic Timesheet System (ETS) for exempt employees about a year ago, a parallel system created for Non-Exempt and Hourly Employees has recently gone live.  Many new features and requirements that are unique to this population were incorporated in the final product; for example:

  • Ability to enter IN/OUT Time
  • Ability to enter multiple Shifts
  • Ability to track Unscheduled Leave, FMLA leave
  • Ease of data entry for Shift Hours by setting ETS profiles
  • Ability to split hours to be charged to various projects (Typically done by Payroll Reps)

This implementation adds about 2000 more employees who will be submitting their timesheets electronically.

Self-Service Leave Inquiry Enhancements
Based on popular demand, CITS has added to the Electronic Timesheets the ability to project employee leave balances for six pay periods into the future.  The projections start from electronic timesheet data previously entered and factor in anticipated future leave earnings.  The page also provides a clear explanation of how the balance is computed for each of the projections.  CITS hopes that this new feature will help employees manage their leave.