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Welcome Communications Changes for Students

Google Apps for Education (GAE) Program

The Google Apps for Education (GAE) program will soon be offered to students enrolled in all schools except for those in the School of Medicine who are enrolled in MD and MD/PhD; Physical Therapy; Medical and Research Technology; Pathology Assistant; and Genetic Counseling degree programs. Please see below for more information regarding the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

Data Ownership, Privacy, and Email Addresses

The Google services suite that will be implemented is part of the Google Apps Education Edition Agreement between Google and the State of Maryland, and is different from the “consumer” Google that many of us use for personal Gmail accounts.  Here are some of the differences:

  • All data stored by UMB in the GAE service is owned by UMB
  • A UMB managed domain provides us with more control and rights compared to the practice of forwarding to private Gmail accounts
  • Google is not allowed to advertise to students
  • Google may not mine UMB data for any reason
  • Google is not allowed to share any addresses or data with any 3rd party
  • All email messages will pass through UMB servers for anti-virus, anti-SPAM, and message delivery
  • Students’ email addresses will not change and will remain … addresses
  • Students will continue to create their email accounts via the myUMB Account Management Site
  • Students will continue to use their myUMB IDs to access GAE services

Benefits of GAE

Some of the benefits that students will derive from the move to GAE include:

  • Collaboration tools for document sharing, instant messaging, video, chat, web sites, etc., across schools
  • Significant storage: currently over 7 GB!
  • An excellent calendaring solution
  • Mobility: the ability to access their information via numerous mobile devices including iPhone and Android
  • Single sign-on with existing myUMB ID:  Once  a student types in his or her myUMB ID and password he/she will immediately have access to Blackboard, UMB Alerts, and GAE
  • Availability: Google SLAs guarantee 99.9% uptime
  • Significant cost savings to UMB: Google is a FREE service.
  • Connection with Alumni: GAE makes it easy for students to continue to use UMB Google accounts and stay connected to the University after they graduate

SOM and SOD Student E-mail

The Schools of Medicine and Dentistry have special security requirements since they are both Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) covered entities.  As such, they need to ensure that communications regarding patient health are done via a secure method.  Due to their unique practices, they will use solutions that best meet their respective requirements.

The School of Medicine (SOM) will create special e-mail accounts for continuing and newly enrolled students on the SOM Microsoft Exchange e-mail system to accommodate security requirements. The SOM Exchange e-mail system gives its academic and professional community the ability to message each other in a manner that complies with HIPAA. The SOM e-mail system helps the School protect privacy and confidentiality of communications. As privacy and security requirements continue to evolve, the School is able to respond to those changes in a timely and appropriate manner.

The School of Dentistry students will use the GAE program as well as an additional program that provides security features for data loss prevention and for encrypting email messages that contain sensitive information.  This add-on program will provide students with a secure communication method that complies with their HIPAA security requirements. 

Next Steps

The GAE program is currently being piloted by a group of SGA students.  Incoming students will be eligible for GAE beginning with the School of Law in May.  Existing students will be offered the opportunity to migrate at their convenience after Spring 2011 Finals.  Students with a current myUMB Mail account will receive an email with a URL they can click on to migrate their email from myUMB Mail to GAE.

For SOM students, e-mail accounts on the SOM system will be created automatically before matriculation. E-mail accounts of continuing students on the former myUMB system will migrate to the SOM Exchange system during the summer of 2011. Individual academic calendars in the School vary by program. Each program will pick a time best suited for account creation or migration. Messages sent to a former UMB e-mail address can be forwarded to a SOM e-mail account for a few months into the fall semester giving time to inform others about new contact information. SOM email addresses take the form of … As in past years, student e-mail accounts will move to the School of Medicine’s E-mail For Life system upon graduation so graduates can conveniently stay in touch with classmates, mentors and the School. The SOM e-mail system is a contemporary solution that offers calendaring, contact management, remote access via web and smart phone and many more features.

To learn more about the SOM Exchange e-mail system, visit: