Center for Information Technology Services

Here Now--Self-Service Email Addresses for myUMB Mail!

Beginning with the incoming students in the Fall 2010 semester, students are now able to pick their own prefixes for their “” (myUMB Mail) email addresses. A myUMB Mail user can now custom-tailor an address for her- or himself using a wide variety of formats, instead of having an address administratively predetermined as it was in the past.  Of course, email users are reminded to pick something professionally appropriate, since this will serve as the student’s primary email address while at UMB, and once this address is set it cannot be changed.

Offering self-service email addresses is just another step in CITS’ continuing efforts to empower users and enhance their computing experience. In the coming months, self-service email addresses will be implemented for every new user getting an account on myUMB Mail.  The self-service email address tool is built into the myUMB Account Management Site,, where users can also administer their respective myUMB IDs, myUMB Passwords, secret question/answerfor self-service password resets, myUMB Mail Forwarding, and perform a variety of other tasks. More information about myUMB Mail and self-service email addresses can be found at