Center for Information Technology Services

Campus Wireless Network Grows in Use, Gains Popularity

The UMB Campus Wireless Network has been gaining a lot of traction over the past year.  The list of covered schools, buildings and facilities includes: Pine Street Annex, Saratoga Garage and Offices, Lexington Building, Pharmacy Learning Center, Maryland Bar Center, University Suites at UMB, Pharmacy Building, Dental School, School of Social Work, Law Library, Southern Management Coporation Campus Center, Health Sciences & Human Services Library, and the 10th Floor Gymnasium in the Pratt Street Garage.  With all the newly added areas,  the campus coverage map now looks like this:

There are actually four public campus wireless networks, referred to technically as “SSIDs” (Service Set Identifiers).  In addition to the secure UMB Student and UMB FacultyStaff wireless SSIDs, there are two SSIDs reserved for guests of the campus.

The once “open” UMB Guest wireless connection has been changed to reflect Educause's best practices for authenticating all connections to the Internet except for those from certain areas, such as the campus libraries.  Therefore, only designated spaces in the HS/HSL library and the Law Library are now covered by the UMB Guest wireless network.  In all other areas where the campus wireless is available, limited guest accounts will need to be created, either in advance or on the fly, which will connect to the new UMB Auth Guest SSID.

Any UMB Faculty or Staff member with a valid MyUMB account, using a MyUMB ID, can create a guest account for visitors or guests which will be valid for any amount of time up to 30 days.  The Cisco NAC (Network Admission Control) server is available at for creating a user account to connect to the new UMB Auth Guest SSID.  Information and setup instructions regarding the campus wireless system can be found at  There is also a Campus Wireless link in the left column of the CITS homepage which leads to this same information.  

If you have any questions about how to connect to the wireless service on campus or how to help a visitor or guest to do so, please contact the IT Help Desk at; phone 410-706-HELP.