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Gone Phishing

A SPAM Quiz Question:  The University of Maryland Baltimore campus email systems receive an average of 10.1 Million email messages per day.  Out of these 10.1 Million messages how many do you think are legitimate emails?

  • A) Between 150 and 200 Thousand
  • B) Between  1  and 3 Million
  • C) Between 4  and 7 Million
  • D) Between 8  and 12 Million

(See Answer at the end of this article.)

CITS has recently seen a noticeable increase in e-mail that looks very official and professional asking for user login credentials.  Unfortunately, some users fall victim to these attacks.  Once the spammers have valid login information, they begin sending messages to the internet using University identity. Because of the high messaging volumes being sent to the internet from the compromised accounts, UMB servers become “blacklisted.”  Once UMB servers are blacklisted, even valid messages sent by UMB users are denied!

Fighting spam and not falling victim to social engineering attacks is everyone’s job.  Remember that the University will NEVER ask for your user login credentials in an email message.  Simply delete these messages; DO NOT reply, EVER.  

For more details, see:

Answer to SPAM Quiz

If you chose “A” you were correct. Our campus IronPort Email Security System blocks an average of 9 to 10 million spam, virus or unsolicited emails a day.