Center for Information Technology Services

Be Media Wise

Be Media Wise is a new awareness campaign designed to encourage University of Maryland Baltimore students (as well as faculty and staff) to be aware of the consequences of downloading or uploading copyrighted materials from or to the Internet.  We encourage you to explore the following links to learn about the risks of illegal file sharing and to “be media wise” when it comes to uploading or downloading information.

Check out these links to learn more:

  • Risks of Illegal File Sharing - All students at the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) need to be aware of the lawful use of copyrighted materials on UMB’s computing networks and in UMB facilities.  Here is where you’ll find this information.
  • Copyright Law 101 - Copyright law provides no blanket exception from liability for university students; however, there are limited circumstances, referred to as “fair use”, where use of copyrighted materials without permission is allowable. Read guidelines from the United States Copyright Office here.
  • There Is an Alternative: Legal Downloading.  For legal alternatives to copyright infringement, see this Educause article on Legal Sources of Online Content.
  • Type of Copyright Infringement Notifications:  Copyright holders and organizations that represent copyright holders, such as RIAA and MPAA, typically send out three different types of Communications Related to Copyright Infringement…
  • Read what  constitutes the acceptable use and misuse of UMB IT resources in the  University of Maryland Baltimore Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
  • UMB’s Residential Network (ResNet) Policy.   It is incumbent upon all authorized users to act responsibly in using UMB’s residential network.