Center for Information Technology Services

National LambdaRail Research and Education Network

The National LambdaRail (NLR) is a select, private high-speed network that connects research universities, laboratories, and federal agencies. While UMB has been connected to the high-speed Internet2 education and research network for more than eight years, NLR's advanced 12,000-mile nationwide optical network infrastructure supports the world’s most demanding scientific and network research projects. With no restrictions on usage or bandwidth, NLR enables cutting-edge exploration and discovery in biomedicine, life sciences, and other disciplines. And with an extensive footprint throughout the U.S. and new links to international organizations, NLR opens up unprecedented opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and commercialization among members of the global research community and between private and public partners.

The additional network routers that provide direct access to the NLR also provide another immediate failover connection to the commercial Internet if the University’s primary routers and Internet connection encounter a problem. UMB already had multiple redundant connections to the Internet through the University System of Maryland. The additional connection to the Internet is via the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads network, a consortium of 38 directly connected institutions of higher education, federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. region.