Center for Information Technology Services

Using Technology to Create Better Business Processes

The following two projects recently completed by CITS technical teams are not flashy, but they nevertheless create important efficiencies in certain behind-the-scenes business processes.

Parking/MTA Payroll Deductions Electronic Interface to CPB:

CITS has implemented a custom module in the eUMB Human Resources/Payroll Management System to handle all Parking/MTA payroll deductions and send them electronically to the State’s Central Payroll Bureau (CPB).  This eliminates the need to mail forms to CPB for new enrollments, changes, and cancellations.  Reconciliation of the actual deductions by the Parking Office is now done electronically as well.  This implementation marks a major improvement for Parking Office business processes.

Coming Soon: Payroll Deductions for Campus Center Memberships

Right on the heels of implementing the Parking/MTA deduction interface, The CITS technical team began work on an electronic interface for payroll deductions of membership fees in the SMC Campus Center Recreation and Fitness Facility (URecFit).  Testing and implementation is expected to take place in the late April/early May timeframe.