Center for Information Technology Services

Software & Computers Available at Discounted Prices!

AVAILABLE NOW--the New Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System for personal use at a discounted price!  Current versions of Microsoft Office and Symantec Anti-virus for both Windows and Macintosh systems are also available for purchase.  For a complete list of discounted personal-use software available at the HS/HSL Circulation Desk to faculty, staff and students, click on

Software such as Adobe, SAS, SPSS, and Mathematica are available at the Software Licensing Office to faculty and staff (for departmental use) at discounted prices.  For a complete list of the departmental products available at the Software Licensing Office, go to

In addition to software, computers are also available at a discount.  The University System of Maryland has reached an agreement with Apple, Dell and Lenovo, three leading computer manufacturers, to offer top-quality computers at discounted prices. Through this agreement, UMB students, faculty and staff can purchase computer systems online at special educational prices.  For details, click on