Center for Information Technology Services

RAVEN for Coeus

On September 16, 2009, CITS and the Office for Research and Development (ORD), made available to the campus community a new tool for inquiry against research and development information which we call RAVEN for Coeus.  To date, almost one hundred UMB staff members have attended training classes for the use of this product, and many trainees have left the classroom genuinely excited to get started!

What, you have not heard of RAVEN for Coeus?   This new module, which is located under the eUMB RAVEN umbrella, contains information on Research and Development that is supported by UMB.  The RAVEN for Coeus module provides access to information on submitted research proposals as well as information on the awards that UMB has received.   Much of the research information that can now be easily retrieved through the RAVEN for Coeus pages has never been available to the campus community before.

Examples of inquiries that can be performed include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How many proposals did a principal investigator submit during a period of time, and how many were funded?
  • What are the awards currently active within my department?
  • How many awards did my department submit or receive from the Federal Government and/or NIH?
  • How much funding was generated by the awards my department received?

Classroom training is required to gain access to the RAVEN for Coeus module.  To sign up for training, visit, select Course Type COEUS, then Introduction to RAVEN COEUS Inquiry, and select the session you want to attend.