Center for Information Technology Services

New Field Management System Prompts Employee of the Month Awards

Chris Raab of the CITS Web Development Group received the September Employee of the Month award, and Wanda Bair of the School of Social Work (SSW) Field Placement Office received the October award, for their collaborative efforts and work in developing the Field Management System and Electronic Field Notebook.

The Field Management System employs a flexible database with easy data retrieval, storage and interactive capabilities, which enables the SSW Field Education faculty to electronically refer students to agencies, and for agencies to make their dispositions online.  

A secondary result of this database was the development of an Electronic Field Notebook (EFN) where students, their field instructors and faculty liaisons can work together online to view students’ assignments, give feedback and complete evaluations.  

The value-added benefits of the EFN have been: eliminating paper (and postage costs) for over 700 referrals and thousands of process recordings and evaluations each year, allowing for timely and efficient responses to problems, easy access to information and report data, and secure access from anywhere via the Internet.  Educational benefits include history/documentation of learning, easy and quick communication between the School and agencies, and the ability for faculty liaisons to provide timely supervision to their students--who are at times as far away as India.

The SSW Field Faculty and Chris will be presenting a hands-on live demo of the system to other academic institutions, social workers and agencies at CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) in San Antonio, Texas, November 6-9.