Center for Information Technology Services

Blackboard Now Works with Your myUMB ID

For the past couple of years it has been a major priority for CITS to continue to reduce the number of user IDs and passwords needed to access campus systems.  We have been doing this by reconfiguring systems to make use of the myUMB ID, a user-created logon that works with an increasing number of applications.  A previous issue of CITS Bits had an article about it (

Before the start of the present school year, the Blackboard Learning System became the latest to join the list of major systems that allow access with this single logon.  All major campus enterprise systems now support the use of the myUMB ID, including:

  • MyUMB Portal
  • MAXIMUS Effort Reporting System
  • eUMB Financials
  • School of Social Work Field Placement website
  • Mediasite
  • School of Dentistry Student Composites and Student Directory
  • myUMB Mail
  • Blackboard
  • Campus Wireless System

For more information about myUMB ID authentication, including supported applications, see: