Center for Information Technology Services

WebEx-a New Way to Communicate and Share Information for Academic and Business Purposes

In these recessionary times, when travel is restricted and everyone is trying to be more efficient, UMB has acquired a new cost-fighting tool called WebEx.  This application enables up to a thousand people to participate in a meeting, conference, or class remotely using their Internet-connected computers.  WebEx enables collaboration with colleagues separated by either small (local) or large (global) distances.  WebEx will also enhance the distance learning environment for students participating in UMB classes from remote locations.  A custom integration module is being built by WebEx for UMB’s Blackboard Learning System.  Each school and central administrative area has acquired WebEx licenses for hosting web conferences, meetings and/or online classes. 

The CITS Enterprise Training Group has created UMB-specific Job Aids for the use of WebEx, and will soon be offering hands-on training for designated WebEx meeting Hosts.  For more information, go to or contact Chris Phillips at