Center for Information Technology Services

IT Planning

After a two-year period of completing activities and action items in the current Campus Information Technology Strategic and Tactical Plan, dated December 2007, the campus is now at the point of beginning the process of developing a new two-year Campus IT Plan.  

The process will include collecting input and getting feedback from faculty, students, staff, and administrators, as well as from school and department representatives who serve on the campus-wide IT Steering Committee.  The members of the Steering Committee reflect the diverse academic and administrative interests of the UMB community.  

The new campus strategic and tactical IT plan will include desired goals, common objectives, and critical outcomes.  The Steering Committee is considering and discussing the following questions, as well as others, in defining the goals, objectives and action items for the plan:  What are the essential activities that will provide added value?  How can we align technology and services to meet academic and business needs, issues and opportunities?  What should be the key priorities for the next two years?  What technologies, services, and electronic processes would improve UMB operations, and help faculty, staff, and students with teaching, research, clinical care, learning and performing administrative tasks?

We are looking for campus community input, so if you have thoughts and suggestions regarding needs, priorities and how IT can add value, please send them to:

It is an opportunity to provide input regarding IT strategies and priorities, as well as to help identify technology solutions that will positively affect the future of the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

For your information, the current IT Plan, along with all the periodic progress updates, can be viewed at:

The planning process will span about four months, culminating early next calendar year with the creation of a two-year plan with new action items.