Center for Information Technology Services

UMB Acquires Needed Computer Room Space

This month the University acquired some needed computer room space at 300 West Lexington Street in Baltimore City.  This building is only a short distance from the campus and already has high-speed connections to the campus fiber-optic network backbone, and to the high-speed national networks:  Internet2 and the National LambdaRail.  It is a beautiful computer room space of approximately 3200 square feet that will serve a number of important uses:  the relocation of equipment from overcrowded campus computer rooms; housing equipment for campus production systems as well as for back-up systems and storage for business continuity purposes; school and department equipment; and equipment for high-performance computing and storage for faculty research projects.      

Currently, facilities and technical tasks are being completed to make the space ready for use by UMB.   The next phase will be a more comprehensive technical design for effectively using the space.  The technical design phase will include having conversations with interested parties within UMB, collecting and analyzing technical requirements, and creating a contemporary technical design for the space.  An advisory group of IT Leaders and computer room experts on campus will be enlisted to discuss, review, and recommend the final technical design specifications.  

After the technical design phase is underway, a research program development phase will be initiated.   In this phase, an advisory group of faculty researchers will help create an implementation, use and sustainability model so that the space can effectively support the computing needs of research projects.  The value-added to UMB is the creation of a computing facility that synthesizes a common computing infrastructure with computing systems, specific applications, and data storage all linked by a high-speed network across campus and to the outside world.  

If you are interested in learning more about this space and/or would like to participate on the advisory groups, please call 6-2461 or email: