Center for Information Technology Services

CITS Creates an Additional High-Speed Connection To the Internet

UMB has multiple redundant connections to the Internet through the University System of Maryland network/Internet system. This network infrastructure provides a seamless inter-institution connection to USM institutions as well as to institutions throughout the globe.  UMB is also a member of the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) network, which is a consortium of 38 directly connected institutions of higher education, federal agencies, and non-profit institutions in the Maryland-Virginia-DC region.  UMB gets access to the high-speed Internet2 network via the MAX regional network.

Recently, CITS purchased two Cisco Aggregation Services Routers (ASRs) in order to establish another backup Internet connection via the MAX.  This backup Internet connection will be available in the event that the primary and backup USM connections to the Internet are unavailable.  Another important reason for establishing this connection is for UMB to have access to the very high-speed National Lambda Rail (NLR) research network.  The NLR will connect UMB Faculty to colleagues at other research universities, national laboratories, super-computing centers, and federal agencies.  The NLR is the platform of choice enabling cutting-edge exploration and discovery in the biomedical sciences as well as many other disciplines at over 180 leading research institutions and federal agencies.  CITS is currently in the final configuration stages for establishing this connection.  Access to the NLR (as well as to the additional backup connection to the Internet) will be available by mid-May, 2009.  Another message announcing its availability will be sent at that time.