Center for Information Technology Services

Campus Telephone Service Costs Reduced for FY 2010

After an extensive analysis by the CITS Communications staff and the Office of Cost Analysis and Studies, we are refining the voice billing model and reducing costs to UMB schools and departments.  Beginning in June, 2009 (which is the first telephone bill of Fiscal Year 2010), CITS Communications will charge a fixed rate of $33 per month for the following bundle of services: the cost of a line, phone, features, voicemail, unified messaging, and calls within the local area. This rate is approximately $1.50 per month less than the current charge for these services.

Domestic toll and international usage will continue to be billed separately, but at a reduced per-minute rate.  Domestic long-distance charges will be reduced from $.07 per minute to $.04 per minute. International calls will be billed at the flat rate of $.33 per minute, regardless of country or time—as compared with the current international call rate of between $.36 and $3.00 per minute, based on country code and time of day.

CITS is pleased to be providing contemporary communications technologies and services while at the same time reducing departmental costs for voice services.  Please feel free to contact the CITS Communications staff if you have any questions about the new billing model.