Center for Information Technology Services

Advancing the Campus Email System to Microsoft Exchange 2007

Microsoft Exchange is the behind-the-scenes server software that supports the MS Outlook email client which, for most of us at UMB, handles the daily flow of email to and from our office computers.  Many of us on campus are still working with the 2003 versions of Exchange and Outlook, but this is about to change. Over the past few months CITS has been working to create a new hardware infrastructure to support the move to Exchange 2007.  CITS staff members, working together with school and departmental IT staff, have been preparing the campus Enterprise Active Directory for this important project.  With the move to Exchange 2007 users will receive a SIGNIFICANT increase in the amount of email they can store.

Over the next couple of months CITS will continue to configure this new technology environment and then begin beta testing, starting with IT staff members from the various schools and departments.  During this time it is recommended that schools and departments begin planning and implementing their rollout of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of software applications; Microsoft recommends using Exchange 2007 in conjunction with Outlook 2007.

Large-scale migrations will begin sometime during the 2009 summer months, with users being moved from the existing Exchange 2003 servers to Exchange 2007.