Center for Information Technology Services

iTunes U at UMB

Have you ever watched those joggers blithely running along listening to whatever on their iPods?  Maybe you are one of them.  Now there is something new we can all listen to, or even watch, while exercising--or not.

UMB has created a space on Apple’s iTunes University site. After logging on through a UMB web page, visitors can watch or download videos of campus events or watch tutorials on how to use services. The logon will track privileges so that students can download materials from courses in which they are enrolled, instructors can upload course materials and create spaces for sharing within their course pages, and campus leaders can post information that is either available to the general public or that is restricted to populations of the campus.  Students will be able to subscribe to their courses so that any time they log on the latest additions to their courses will automatically be downloaded to their computer or iPod.

How does it work?
The logon page for iTunes U at UMB is:  One there you will be requested to enter your myUMB ID and password. If you need to create an ID or retrieve your password, there are links to assist you.

graphic: iTunes U login page

Once you are logged in, you will see an array of icons representing the schools and administrative units of the campus.  Your ability to view data behind those icons will depend upon your role: student, faculty, staff, or iTunes U editor.

graphic: UMB iTunes U page

What does it offer that we don’t have now?
That will depend on our imaginations.  For one thing, subscribing to course materials to be delivered overnight is a nice convenience.  Being able to zero in on a lecture you didn’t quite understand while studying for a test will be useful.  Doing it while on a treadmill, riding a bus, or driving on the highway is an added convenience.  The fact is that all of us are meeting on a common field where many of us walk (or jog) already.  The schools, faculty, students, and campus publicists will probably use iTunes U in ways we haven’t thought of yet.  Stay “iTuned”!