Center for Information Technology Services

An Enhanced Tool for Website Development

In October, 2008 the Site Executive Content Management System (CMS) is being upgraded to the latest version 4.1 by the CITS Web Development Department.  The CMS is used to manage and update the websites for most of the schools, administrative offices, student organizations and other UMB related projects.  The new version provides a significant number of new enhancements and features including:

  • Supports Firefox 2.x – 3.x on Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS; Windows IE 6 -7 on Windows XP and Vista
  • Table-less design that incorporates CSS DIV within the templates
  • Content intelligence that allows developers to identify similar content using classification
  • Image Manipulation with a built-in scaling tool
  • More features for administrators to communicate with developers
  • Improved 508 compliancy by using H1-H6 tags for screen readers for vision-impaired site visitors
  • Improved external link checker performance
  • Advanced Forms Enhancements
  • New Editor and source code editing capabilities
  • Improved copy/paste from external sources that eliminates formatting copying errors
  • XHTML 1.0 compliancy within the editor
  • Improved performance and security
  • Significant improvements in stylesheet capabilities and thus streamlining the amount of templates needed

For more information about the CMS upgrade or how your website can utilize these features, please contact the CITS Web Development Department at