Center for Information Technology Services

New Email System (MyUMB) Replaces UMnet

The beginning of the Fall semester also marked the start of the transition from UMnet/ OpenWebmail to the new myUMB Mail email handling system for thousands of users across campus.  Advantages of the new system include a SIGNIFICANT increase in the amount of storage space for email (from 250 MB to 2 GB!), a much improved user webmail client/ interface, and the fact that it works with your myUMB ID.

myUMB ID authentication means that instead of requiring a username and password that can only be used for the email system, users will log in with their myUMB ID and password, the same username and password that they use for other myUMB ID-authenticated systems such as eUMB, myUMB Portal, Mediasite, Field Education, COEUS, and Effort Reporting. 

If you have been a UMnet user, you may have already received an email with instructions and a URL link to facilitate your migration to the new system, myUMB MAIL.  If you haven’t received your email, you will be receiving it sometime over the next few weeks.  If you follow the simple process, your email address will not change and all your existing email will be copied to the new system.  Once you migrate, you will no longer be able to access your Umnet mail with Open Webmail.

For documentation, FAQs, etc, about myUMB MAIL, including how to forward your mail to a different email account (e.g., Outlook, Hotmail, or whatever) visit:

For more information about myUMB ID authentication, including information on how to customize your myUMB ID (that is, create an “alias”), see: