Center for Information Technology Services

CITS Provides Guidance in Selecting Handheld Devices

In order to assist users in determining what handheld device they might purchase, CITS has established a recommendation that we want to share.  For those individuals that are planning the purchase of a handheld device (sometimes known as a handheld computer or PDA), it is recommended that the device be Active Sync compatible, running Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher.  The Active Sync compatible devices do not require the purchase of a software license. 

Blackberry devices, for example, are not currently Active Sync compatible and require a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) device license. Please verify with your vendor of choice whether the device you plan to purchase is Active Sync compatible.  It is also recommended that prior to purchasing the device you consult with your respective school or department IT support staff.  A one-page CITS whitepaper on the topic of Handheld Device Recommendations can be viewed and/or printed at: Handheld Device Recommendations

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