Center for Information Technology Services

Secure Transfer of Large Files Available to Faculty, Staff  AND Students

An article in the May, 2008 issue of CITS Bits announced the release of access to the Accellion Secure File Transfer Appliance to all UMB faculty and staff.  We are now pleased to announce the extending of these privileges to students as well.  What Accellion provides is a secure way to send large files to recipients both inside and outside the University, and to do so without affecting your email quota.  This is especially useful for working with very large attachments. Users upload files to the Accellion Secure File Transfer Appliance and then send out messages to individuals with a link to the file or files stored in Accellion.
Another change in service is that it is no longer necessary for users to contact the Help Desk in order to get an Accellion account activated.  If you have a myUMB Directory account you can use it!  For example, you can use your myUMB ID and Password to log onto the myUMB Portal: 

  • On the myUMB Portal, simply click on the Accellion Secure File Transfer link in the Applications (Sign-on Req’d) box.
  • If the link does not appear in this box, then click on the second (“customize”) icon in the upper border of the box.
  • Click the checkbox to select Accellion Secure File Transfer; then click Submit.
  • You will have to refresh the Portal page, or at least the Applications (Sign-on Req’d) box for the new link to appear.
  • This procedure must only be done one time.  From then on, the Accellion link will be there for you on your myUMB Portal page.

Visit for further information about Accellion, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and a link to a two-page ASC Help Desk publication entitled “Using the Accellion Secure File Transfer Appliance”