Center for Information Technology Services

Discounts on Cell Phones—Some for a Limited Time Only

We are pleased to announce that several cellular vendors (Sprint/Nextel, AT&T and Verizon) have offered some discount packages for equipment and cellular service for personal use of faculty, students and staff.  Discounted services and equipment include cellular telephones, cases, batteries, power cords, chargers, airtime service, text messaging, voice mail, e-mail, caller identification, Web access, etc. Telephone devices encompass basic, standard and advanced levels of equipment.

Each vendor is extending discounted pricing to the entire university community, with actual discount levels based upon the type of account, equipment, and level of service desired. Details of the offerings can be found on the CITS website at the following url:
When clicking on a link please make sure that you are in the appropriate category for your role (faculty, student or staff).

Please be aware that the Student offer from AT&T is a “back-to-school special,” available only until October 15, 2008.