Center for Information Technology Services

The Mediasite Solution

You may have heard that there is a campus-wide technology being used for capturing lectures and other content.  The University has purchased and has been using Mediasite, from Sonic Foundry, Inc.  The Mediasite recorders capture content as it is shared, when and where it happens, e.g., in meetings, training, or class, and deliver that information over the web to the people who need it.  Mediasite can automatically webcast materials over the Internet, where people can watch in real-time or later on-demand through any browser.

The campus-wide Mediasite solution has been a collaborative initiative between the schools and CITS.  To date, the Dental School and the School of Pharmacy have been using this technology extensively, with Nursing, Law, and Social Work just recently acquiring the Mediasite recorders and beginning to use the technology.  The collaborative solution includes having the “back-end” infrastructure (servers, storage, directory services) installed and maintained in CITS, and the Mediasite recorders residing in the schools where the content is captured.  The most important part of the collaborative solution is that school and central IT staff work closely together and that roles and responsibilities have been defined and shared.  The key reasons why the lecture-capture system was attractive as a campus-wide solution are:

  • Mediasite has been proven to be a solid and reliable technology;
  • CITS could build and support the back-end infrastructure of servers and storage;
  • The financial model made great sense, in that it lowered costs for each school;
  • Work and responsibilities could be shared between the IT staff in CITS and in the schools;
  • Knowledge and experiences with a common technology could be shared among IT staff in the schools.

The results have been amazing in both the Dental School and in the School of Pharmacy.  Thousands of lectures have been captured with over 200,000 “hits” by students viewing and listening to instructional content via the web.  The School of Pharmacy has used Mediasite extensively with their program in Shady Grove. The School has shown how Mediasite can effectively expand instructional programs to satellite campuses, where content can be streamed live to a remote campus as well as being viewed and heard again later on-demand.  The technology has really worked well, so well that students have indicated that lecture capture has made it easier for them to learn! 

The following links provide more information about Mediasite generally at UMB, and specifically in the Schools of Pharmacy and Dentistry:

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