Center for Information Technology Services

CITS Continuing to Make Progress With Activities in the Campus IT Plan

The January issue of CITS Bits unveiled the two-year UMB Campus IT Strategic and Tactical Plan.  In this issue we are happy to report that many tasks have been completed in the first four months of 2008 and excellent progress is being made with the activities listed in the plan.  For an “executive overview” of the Plan as a whole, click here: IT Plan Brochure.  For a complete list of tasks accomplished in the first several months of 2008, see: Summary of Progress on IT Plan Initiatives.  And for detailed reporting on some of the more visible initiatives, please see the other articles in this issue, which describe such new software/ hardware/service implementations as IronPort (spam and virus email protection), ImageNow (document imaging), Presidium (24x7 Help Desk coverage), Accellion (secure large-file transfer), and more.