Center for Information Technology Services

Self-Service Info Update Becomes Greener and Cleaner

Of course you know that you can update your Campus Directory and Emergency Contact information via the myUMB Portal (don’t you?).   But perhaps you didn’t know that you can now use a simple click-box on the same Update myCampus Contact Info page to suppress your Direct Deposit Advice (i.e., stop receiving a paper copy of your bi-weekly Employee Earnings Statement).  And later this year even more new functionality and ease-of-use features will be coming to your employee Self Service site:

  1. We will be switching to a side-by-side format (vs. the present over-and-under) for making changes in your campus contact data, making it much easier to review and compare old information vs. new
  2. We will be adding a link under Self Service tasks for Leave Inquiry, so employees can check their leave balances (not available for faculty)
  3. We are adding several additional informational-only pieces of data
  4. We will be adding the capability to delete certain pieces of data
  5. We will be increasing the length of phone/fax number fields to accommodate extensions
  6. We will be adding a link under Self Service tasks for Address/Phone, so employees can update their own Home Address & Phone Numbers
  7. We will provide a link to the HR Service Center Information page, so users can easily initiate changes to data outside the realm of Self Service
  8. We will siplify access to Self Service by making it a pagelet or tab on the Portal page, instead of having to navigate links

Granted that none of these modifications is a life-changing event, still every sheet of paper eliminated and each bit of convenience added makes our lives that much nicer, don’t you think?