Center for Information Technology Services

IronPort Email Protection Almost Here

In order to provide faster and more reliable email delivery, efficient spam screening, and virus protection, CITS is in the process of bringing up a new email-handling architecture to replace our current one.  Specifically, CITS is replacing the email infrastructure based on Symantec Mail Security (SMS) servers and Meridius spam quarantine with an IronPort email security and spam quarantine solution.  The IronPort email security appliances are touted as “the most sophisticated systems available today,” and the new environment will serve to simplify and strengthen UMB’s email delivery mechanisms.

The now-familiar Meridius spam quarantine screens will go away.  However, the new IronPort interface will provide features comparable to those you are accustomed to, including quarantine notifications by email, a web interface accessible through the URL provided in the email, and user-generated safe and block lists.

Over the last couple of months CITS staff members have been setting up the IronPort appliances and making configuration changes necessary for the cutover.  CITS technical staff members will soon be scheduling meetings with the various school email administrators to provide more details on IronPort and discuss the various options and choices available.  CITS will work with each school and organization email administrator to schedule a cutover on a mutually agreed timeframe during the summer/fall months.

Anticipated Project Schedule
May – June, 2008: Preparation

Over the next couple of months meetings will be held between CITS and school/organization IT staff to engage in detailed discussions of the new environment.  Pilot phases for various domain(s) can also be initiated.

June – September, 2008: Deployments
Within this timeframe deployments will be set up on a staggered schedule mutually agreed upon between email administrators and CITS.

October, 2008: Completion
The new IronPort environment will be handling all campus email traffic by the start of October.  The SMS and Meridius environments will be turned off when the conversion is complete.