Center for Information Technology Services

The myUMB ID--Create Your Own!

In the fall of 2007 CITS announced the launch of the myUMBid, also known as the myUMB ID (sometimes written “myUMBid”), which gives you the ability to create your own campus ID.  Whatever you call it, the important thing to remember is that you can set it to whatever you want! (Unless of course you choose one that is already taken.)
The myUMB ID that you create can be used to access all Directory-Enabled Enterprise Applications and it can be set and changed whenever and as often as you desire.  Once your myUMB ID has been set up you will no longer need to use your eUMB Employee ID (“EMPL ID”), Affiliate ID, SIMS ID, or 14-digit OneCard number to log into these applications.
The myUMB ID that you create can now be used to access:

  • myUMB Portal (and all eUMB applications accessed via the Portal)
  • Wireless and VPN accounts
  • All CITS-developed Cold Fusion applications, such as:
    • Site Executive Content Management System
    • Freezer Program
    • Greenbaum Cancer Center Shared Services Application
    • Web FTP Application
    • HR Online Courses registration
    • Intranet
    • Numerous School of Social Work and Dental School Applications

Several additional enterprise applications such as Blackboard, SIMS, SURFS, OpenWebmail, and the soon-to-be-released Accellion Secure File Transfer appliance* will also be accessible by the ID you create.  (* See Secure Transfer of Large Files Made Easy article in previous issue of CITS Bits.)

The ID you set up for yourself can be managed via the myUMB Account Management Site at , where you can also set or change your myUMB Password and the corresponding myUMB Secret Question and Answer.  The purpose of this new site is to provide you with a single place to administer your myUMB Accounts.

Having fewer system logons to remember—what’s not to like about that?!