Center for Information Technology Services

An article entitled “Email SPAM: A Growing Annoyance in the World of Online Communication” in the previous issue of CITS Bits highlighted the growing problem of SPAM interfering with legitimate campus e-mail traffic.  CITS is now taking concrete steps to eliminate this threat.

CITS Deploying New Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus, Message Delivery Systems

As part of the ongoing plan to effectively address the threats posed by increasingly sophisticated SPAM, virus, and phishing mechanisms, CITS has procured a contemporary, scalable, long term solution for the campus.  The product is known as IronPort (, and is a leader in the field of email delivery and security. IronPort was chosen after evaluating the product live in our environment for two months and holding conversations with peer institutions who have been running the IronPort systems in production for at least several years.

Institutions are facing two predominant trends in the battle to protect the email perimeter at the campus network: huge increases in email volume and greater sophistication of threats.  The IronPort deployment includes multiple high-performance email security appliances which will provide the campus with an infrastructure that is much more flexible and scalable than our current systems, and is capable of protecting the campus today and well into the future.  This new architecture will provide the campus with a multi-layered approach.  At the perimeter, these systems are capable of performing a real-time email traffic threat assessment with the ability to identify known bad senders and threats even before they enter the campus network.  Messages that are accepted within the campus network are scanned for viruses and SPAM using high performance scan engines.

At this writing CITS has taken delivery of all equipment necessary for implementing IronPort and is in the initial stages of installation.  Additional details and plans will be forthcoming.