Center for Information Technology Services

Do You Want to be "In the Know"?

When issues arise suddenly concerning campus IT systems, appropriate IT Alerts are published on the CITS Web page, and emails go out to a select group of people who are charged with passing the word to their constituencies.  Despite these efforts, sometimes people who want and/or need to be among the first to receive the information get it late, if at all. 

Here’s the remedy for that situation:  If you would like to be among the first wave of individuals on campus to receive system alerts, updates, announcements, problems, etc., as the news is breaking, just click on the link below.  Fill in the two-line form (name and email address), click on the “Send Form” box, and your information will be added to the CITS Top Priority emailing list.  We strive to make the information in CITS Bits and on the CITS Web pages timely, but these emails will be reserved for situations that are  current and immediate.   Thank you for your interest