Center for Information Technology Services

Secure File Transfer of Large Files Made Easy

Many members of the campus community have expressed a desire and a need to transfer large files securely and easily.   CITS has researched the market and located a product that seems to meet this need very nicely; it facilitates easy file transfers in a secure manner using a simple web browser.  When implemented this product will:

  • Provide campus users with an easy way to securely transfer large files
    Many users have expressed a need to share large documents when collaborating with colleagues, but have experienced great difficulty in doing so.
  • Transfer the files in a secure manner.  
    The new product will encrypt files using the SSL standard.
  • Reduce the load and storage on campus email servers
    Many people currently use email to transfer very large attachments.  These large files slow down the email servers and get counted against users’ mailbox quotas.  Files that are transferred via the new product will be temporarily stored on the appliance and not transferred through the email servers and accounts.
  • Integrate with and support LDAP.  
    LDAP--Lightweight Directory Access Protocol-- is a widely used Internet protocol that email and other programs use to look up information from a server.  In this case, use of the LDAP Protocol will enable users to authenticate to the campus Enterprise Directory, using their respective myUMB Aliases for convenience.
  • Enable UMB users to send large files to external (non UMB) users, and enable UMB users to receive large files from their colleagues.

CITS is hoping to complete procurement arrangements for this new file transfer product in the very near future.   Be on the lookout for further announcements.