Center for Information Technology Services

Easing the Transition to MS Office 2007

If you are a Microsoft Office 2003 user and have ever had the frustrating experience of trying—unsuccessfully no doubt--to work with an MS 2007 document that someone sent you, do not despair.  There is a way to open and modify Microsoft Office 2007 documents on your computer without shelling out big bucks for a whole new suite of software.  Just visit for instructions on how to install the Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility pack.  After you install the compatibility pack, you will be able to open and work with Microsoft Office 2007 documents in Microsoft Office 2003.  But before you start down this road, be sure to check to see if you have administrative rights to your computer.  If you do not, you will need to contact your local System Administrator and have her or him install the compatibility pack on your computer. 

If you are already using Microsoft Office 2007, you’ve probably noticed the new ‘Ribbon’ interface.  If you need to know how to find the new location for familiar Microsoft Office 2003 commands, please visit  The friendly folks at the ASC Help Desk discovered this site where you can find useful interactive guides and Quick Reference Worksheets from Microsoft to help individuals learn how to use the new Microsoft Office 2007 interface. 

One alternative, of course, if you are a UMB student, staff or faculty member, is to go ahead and purchase a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 from the HS/HSL Circulation Desk.  For further information on this, please go to