Center for Information Technology Services

Taking Steps Towards Campus-wide Wireless Access

Don’t you just hate it that you don’t know how to access the many different wireless networks on campus?  Well, eventually this experience will become a thing of the past!

The campus wireless initiative is intended to help faculty and students roam within buildings as well as from one campus building to another and connect to a wireless network.  The new campus wireless network, which is currently up and running in the School of Social Work, and soon to be available in the schools of Law, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing, allows faculty and students to connect through the use of a common UMB ID (see the CITS Bits article on the “Introduction of the myUMBid”).  Through the use of a converged wireless network and a common ID, faculty, students, and staff can get access to the Internet and information resources across campus organizational boundaries. 

Security is built into the system and will check all computers for up-to-date security patches and anti-virus software.  If a computer fails that check, it will not be allowed to connect to the wireless network. 

An additional goal of the campus wireless initiative is to minimize the duplication of wireless equipment in school buildings and on campus.  There will be one wireless VLAN (Virtual LAN) that students, faculty, and staff will use.  Guest access (access for visitors to the campus) will also be available through special authorization to the wireless network for a pre-determined amount of time.

This is the first step in moving to a true seamless wireless service on the UMB campus.  Updates will be provided as we make further progress toward that goal.