Center for Information Technology Services

What is Coeus?

You may have heard the buzz about a new system called Coeus.  You may be wondering, “What is Coeus?”  Coeus is UMB’s fully integrated software solution that supports the research community’s needs to electronically create and route proposals for sponsored research project grants to external sponsors, especially the federal government.  This pre-award research information system is the next phase in a sequence of projects that support the pre- and post-award research functions of the University.  

Coeus, when fully implemented, will reduce redundant data entry into internal as well as federal and other systems. It will serve as the repository for information collected through electronic proposal routing, track proposals as they move through the review and approval process, and record information about awards as they are received.  In addition, and very importantly, Coeus has a system-to-system interface with

For more information about the Coeus project including the project timeline, available training and support please visit the UMB Coeus website at