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Email +Voice Mail = Unified Messaging

The recent implementation of a new voice mail system on campus brings users the option to add the functionality of Unified Messaging.  Unified Messaging—also referred to as Unified Short Messaging Service or SMS—is the capability of having your voice mail messages delivered to the Inbox of your regular email account. 

When a caller records a message to be left for you as voicemail, a notification message is sent to your designated email account with a “wave” file attachment (a file in a Microsoft audio file format .wav).   When the “voice.wav” file is opened, the voice mail message starts to play.  However, since it is an audio file, you will need audio capability on your computer (including speakers) in order to hear it.

If you currently have voice mail capability and an audio-enabled computer, and you would like to try Unified Messaging, all you need to do is complete and submit the online request form at:

Please note that the Unified Messaging notifications are stored in your email Inbox, and will consume your allotted storage space even faster than regular emails.  As always, it is important that you manage your e-mailbox by deleting obsolete messages and periodically moving saved e-mail messages to Mail Folders.

Some frequently asked questions and answers about Unified Messaging are available at:  (Scroll about halfway down the page to the section on TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES-Voice Mail, and click on the link at the second bullet: “Unified Messaging Fact Sheet.”)  For more information and/or if you have questions about this new service, please contact the HelpDesk at 6-4357.