Center for Information Technology Services

eUMB Budget Preparation System

A product of close cooperation between Division of Budget and Finance and CITS personnel, the new Budget Preparation System is actually a module of eUMB HRMS, so its look and feel will be familiar to current users of eUMB HRMS, Financials and RAVEN.  Significantly, the UMB Working Budget generated by the new system has a layout similar to that of other eUMB reports. 

There is a one-time download of EFP data from HRMS to the Budget Prep module, current as of this month.  After that a nightly process will add new employees.  Unlike the PASS System, which required the running of numerous reports, this system will provide all budget information and summaries in one report, and end-users will be able to run reports for themselves.

User access will be determined by HRMS security level.  The levels are Department, School/Administrative Unit, Budget Office, and Budget Director.  The roles are Budget Preparer, Budget Approver, Budget Coordinator and Budget Manager, with these last two residing in the central office of Budget & Financial Analysis.  As with other eUMB applications, the Budget Preparation module requires specific training before a user is granted access.

Access to the system this first year (for work on the FY 2008 budget) is limited to about 50 people, largely at the central office level.  The user community is expected to increase to several hundred in subsequent years as the system is rolled out to the school and department levels. 

For more information and/or if you have questions about this new system, please contact Ken Engle ( or Doug Bowser (