Center for Information Technology Services

CITS Reorganization

The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) has recently reorganized to more effectively serve the campus community.  There are many specific reasons why these changes were made, including:

  • to achieve a “flatter” and more efficient organizational structure;
  • to consolidate IT personnel in areas consistent with their work and responsibilities;
  • to facilitate more direct and regular communication of the technical directors and staff with the CIO;
  • to allow the technical staff to have an even greater impact on the technology direction of the organization and the University;
  • to foster greater coordination and interaction of the technical executive directors to better match the way we do business;
  • to give the AVPs a more strategic role in the organization; and
  • to better align the organization to focus on our capabilities and core services.

These organizational changes are diagrammed in a new organizational chart which can be found at: