Center for Information Technology Services

SURFS Added to List of Campus Applications Using a Common UMB ID

CITS continues to make progress with providing secure access to applications through the use of a common ID. In the past, a different ID was needed to access each campus system. This resulted in an inordinate number of IDs to juggle, not to mention the increased security risks of IDs and passwords being written down and stored in unsecured places and IT administrators being challenged with assigning or removing access to each individual system. The common UMB ID leverages an enterprise directory where identities are securely stored. Access to applications is granted based on the identity in the enterprise directory that is associated with the common ID. Multiple repositories of identities for each application are no longer needed, which further reduces security risks.

On October 29th, CITS converted SURFS (the Web-based student information system) to be able to use the common UMB ID for authentication and access to the system. This system now employs the same username and password already used to access such systems as myUMB Portal, myUMB Mail, Mediasite, etc. If you would like more information about the myUMB Login and systems that use the common ID for authentication click here:

STUDENTS: This change means that as of October 29th your old SURFS PIN is no longer valid. A link to the myUMB account setup page has been added to the SURFS login page. To set up your myUMB account, please click on the following link: If you use web registration to register for classes, you should take care of this account setup process before the day you expect to register. The University will continue to use your student ID (the one that starts with @00) as your primary identifier; please continue to use it when communicating with central or school-specific offices.

If you encounter problems or need additional help, please contact the ASC Help Desk at 410 706-4357 or