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Web Development
Updated July, 2003

Goal:  To enhance the web presence for the schools and the university, as a whole, by building dynamic and interactive environments for sharing and collecting information.


  • To produce a sense of community by building a place for collaboration and exchange of information.
  • To allow for seamless and real-time communication.
  • To create a dynamic and interactive environment for the transmission of information.
  • To serve as a repository of academic and administrative information for the purpose of being more efficient with processing forms, maintaining data and reporting this information.
  • To establish a standard software tool, central hardware platform and education program offering that will assist faculty and staff in the development of a state-of-the-art web environment.

Current State:  UMB has a variety of web developers and web tools that are spread across the schools and administrative units of the campus. CITS has standardized on a software tool (Cold Fusion), a development and production hardware platform (Sun Solaris) and is coordinating an effort with the various web developers to move to this environment.


May - July 2003:

  • Plan the development of faculty, student and staff Intranets.
  • Continue assisting interested departments, administrative units, and schools with redesigning their web sites using a variety of web tools and standards.
  • Develop HR Online application so that various HR forms can be processed and completed online.
  • Develop SSW Online Registration Application that will be used for their training department courses. Registration, Forms, and Reports included.
  • Develop IRP Faculty and Alumni Surveys Application in order to improve the existing process of gathering feedback and statistical reports.
  • Develop Security Application that maintains user functionality for each ColdFusion application by incorporating existing CSD (common security database).
  • Update the existing ORD website so it follows the UMB standard design and template. Also move contents to the UMB Webserver and use ColdFusion.
  • Develop Online FTP migration application that can be used by developers to migrate files from Development to Production Webserver. This will help increase access security/permissions on the UMB Webserver.

Aug - Sept 2003:

  • Assist Dental School with redesigning their existing website and moving it to the UMB Webserver. This includes database and application changes.
  • Complete faculty, student, staff, alumni, and executive Intranets and backend administrative modules that will maintain links and news information.
  • Complete Freezer Program (phase 2) Application and Online Ordering application. Provides shopping cart, reports, and order tracking capabilities.
  • Develop Online application for ASC Helpdesk that will provide all UMB helpdesk's with information about all major applications on campus and the helpdesk responsible for assisting with each application.

Oct 2003 - :
Purchase and then implement or begin development of content management system.
Develop Software Licensing Application for CITS Department.

Outcome: UMB will have a centralized web environment that will be easy to use, navigate, and gather information about the campus, its services, students, staff, faculty, and community. Information will be presented in an up-to-date and dynamic manner so that students, staff, faculty, other universities and the general public can find information quickly and efficiently. Further establish the UMB web development department as the main resource for web related development, technology, topics, and information for the campus.