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UMB Wireless Strategy
November 2003

To enable the creation of a robust, secure wireless network environment that protects against security breaches while supporting appropriate access to data for UMB research, teaching, and administrative operations.


  • To implement and maintain for the campus; a document of best practices for the creation of secure wireless networks (completed).
  • To develop an awareness of the need for security especially in wireless installations throughout the entire UMB community (on-going).

 Current State:
UMB now has a few areas of wireless connectivity. These areas are conforming to the current standards for securing wireless networks. Future installations will be able to use the standards as a template for creating a secure wireless network.


April 2003 to July 2003
Finalized Wireless Security Policy
Worked with HS/HSL Library technical staff to create a plan to install a wireless network for students, faculty and staff.

August 2003 to November 2003 and On-going
Completed installation of wireless network in HS/HSL. Wireless capability exists on all floors.
Compiling information regarding wireless network installations across campus to determine security and authentication procedures that are implemented.
Implemented Blackberry remote access capability for President Ramsay, and others.

UMB has gained knowledge of potential security breaches related to wireless technology. Collaboration and communication with campus IT administrators has resulted in common solutions for protecting data, while at the same time, ensuring wireless data access for those who need it. Security awareness will continue to be heightened and more widespread throughout the University. UMB faculty, students and staff will follow the Wireless Security Policy and work in a wireless networked environment that is monitored and protected by appropriate tools and by a skilled and knowledgeable staff.