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Student Information Management System (SIMS) and Student UseR Friendly System (SURFS) Web Enabled Applications

January 2004 update

To provide a Student Information Management System (SIMS) that effectively supports an optimal level of student service across UMB schools and central service offices. The system will manage student processes, including those related to pre-application, application, admission, enrollment, progression, and academic history. It will maintain a central, electronic repository of current and historical student data. SIMS will provide the tools for optimizing services to students and for making management decisions intended to enhance the academic and administrative quality of the institution.

Phase I Completed:
Phase I was successfully implemented in calendar year 2001. This provided the campus with a contemporary system to manage Admissions, Registration, Academic History, Financial Aid, and Accounts Receivable. After going live with the first set of modules, the Recruitment module was completed as well as all of the reports requested by schools and central service departments.

Phase II Web for Student Registration - Completed:
In preparation for the Web for Student (WFS) module, Banner version 5 was implemented in April 2002, enabling the system to use the most current features of the Oracle database system. WFS, which allows students to access their grades, unofficial transcripts, course schedules, to register, etc. via the web, was installed. July and August of 2002 saw configuration, testing, and roll out of the first student service modules. Nursing and Graduate School departments conducted on line registration in a pilot phase using the Student UseR Friendly System (SURFS).

Web registration, via SURFS, for Nursing, Graduate, the Dental Hygiene Program, Social Work, Pharmacy and Law schools was completed and was placed in production for Summer and Fall 2003 registration.

Phase III Web for Student Admissions - In Progress tasks:
The SIMS Implementation Team is working with the Nursing and Graduate schools to implement the Web Admissions module. It is projected that the Web Admissions module will be used in production by the pilot schools beginning with the 2004 Spring admissions cycle.

Other System Enhancements - Complete:
CITS working with the School of Pharmacy has developed an automated application interface to load selected admissions applications from PHARMCAS directly into the SIMS. Project was completed August 2003.

CITS working with the Law School Admissions Office has developed and implemented LSAC's Admit-M product and the NOLIJ Banner interface module to load selected admissions applications directly into the SIMS. Project was complete and successfully utilized September 2003.

Participating as one of five pilot schools, selected by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), to develop, code and test an enhanced version of the data collection system for students who received financial assistance from their attending institution. CITS working with USM and the Commission has completed this task and the newly formatted files have been verified by USM and MHEC.

Planned Enhancements - Near Term:
Upgrade to Oracle 9i

Upgrade to version 6.0 of Banner
Enhanced password security
Conversion from SSN to Generated Numbers for SIMS IDs
SIMS Application Network Server move

Ultimate Goal:
To provide a state-of-the-art, fully web-based student information management system to the schools, central service offices, and students of the University of Maryland Baltimore that meets all business and process needs.