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UMB IT Standards and Policies
Updated November 2003

UMB is an extremely complex environment with sophisticated information processing occurring throughout the campus. UMB is subject to numerous federal and state regulations related to management of Information Technology resources. To ensure that the campus manages IT resources in legal, efficient, and appropriate ways it is necessary to develop policies, standards, and best practices for use of UMB IT resources.

Develop appropriate IT Policies to ensure compliance with all regulations applicable to UMB and set standards and best practices based on those policies to ensure maximum privacy, efficiency, and propriety in managing IT resources and institutional data.

Current State:
Over the past year a CITS Policy Committee has developed draft policies and standards for managing IT resources. The Vice President and CIO has taken these policies to the appropriate venues for discussion, feedback, and approval. A compilation of activity follows.


March 2003:
IT Acceptable Use Policy
Enterprise Production Systems Support Plan Policy & Template

April 2003:
Server Security Standard
Workstation Security Standard
IT Privacy Policy
IT Security Policy

July 2003:
Web Site Privacy Policy
Wireless Security Standard

September 2003:
Network Standards (Update)

In Progress:
Comprehensive Technology Infrastructure Policies, Standards and Practices (UMB, SOM, UMMS, UPI)

A safe, secure, and efficient Information Technology environment with clear accountability and standard practices.