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Campus Substitute for Modem Pool,
Internet Service Provider Partnership

November 2003 update

To implement a program, in partnership with a company, that would offer UMB faculty, staff, and students discounted rates for Internet service and provide reliable remote access to campus computing services.


  • To define the requirements for a campus ISP service,
  • To find a suitable campus partner for providing this service,
  • To implement the service in partnership with the identified vendor.

Current State:
Faculty, students, and staff can now subscribe with an ISP which has partnered with UMB, and which offers competitively priced or discounted rates for Internet service.


Nov: Gathered information. Researched the marketplace and needs of customers, e.g., found other campuses who have undertaken similar projects and talked to them.

Dec: Conducted employee and student surveys assessing ISP preferences.

Jan: Conducted Focus Groups to interpret data and enhance the articulation of campus preferences.

Mar: Met with Legal and Procurement Services to determine parameters of partnering with a private company for remote access.

April: Negotiated possible rates and plans with private company(ies). Drafted grant proposal for possible partial funding of infrastructure build out and authentication/authorization mechanism.

Summer 2003: Tested ISP services, inspected infrastructure, developed language for announcements, designed web site with links to vendors

Aug: Made announcement of ISP services, provide web sites for information and registration, continued to negotiate services

Oct: Updated campus web information, Reissued announcement to UMB Community, Invited ISPs to Market on campus during Founders Week

Dec. "Shut-down" of the campus modem pool.

2004: Pursue a more comprehensive remote access solution

Availability of facile, low-cost access to the Internet and to campus IT resources for faculty, students, and staff.