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Internet2 Awareness and Education & High Speed Connectivity in Baltimore
Update November 2003

To promote the capability of this high-speed network for collaborating with colleagues at other institutions and research agencies. To educate faculty, researchers, and staff on the use and benefits of video-conferencing as well as transmitting large files of data and/or images across the Internet2 Abilene network. To build and connect to a Baltimore network infrastructure in the City of Baltimore which is faster than the current Internet network used by UMB. The connection would be supported by the Baltimore Consortium, which would include UMB, USM, JHU, MSU, SAILOR, UMBC, the City and the State DBM.

Current State:
UMB is now a primary member of Internet2. The Center for Information Technology Services worked with the Internet2 organization as well as with UMB Schools in presenting our first Internet2 day here at UMB on March 10, 2003. Notable researchers and faculty demonstrated applications and video for research, teaching, learning and collaboration. A series of "show and tell" sessions have been delivered to all the UMB schools where faculty and researchers attended. These sessions showed faculty how to send large files of data as well as videoconference using Internet2 and the Abilene network.

Also, the Baltimore Education and Research network (BERnet) is fully operational. UMB now send Internet2 education and research "traffic" through a much faster connection in the City of Baltimore. The City of Baltimore, Baltimore region, and State of Maryland, now has a major Internet infrastructure in place, further expanding the capacity of UMB to connect with local, regional, and national education and research entities.


July - August, 2003
Purchased equipment for the new infrastructure in Baltimore City to achieve faster access and redundancy to existing Internet connections for the campus.
Begin the planning for connectivity to the UMB Research Park.

September - November, 2003
BERnet went "live".
Schedule and deliver "show and tell" sessions on the video and data transmission capabilities over Internet2.

UMB faculty, researchers and staff will gain an understanding of how to use video-conferencing technologies and how to transmit files from servers and computers to colleagues at other Internet2 member institutions and agencies. An acquired knowledge of how to use this high-speed research and teaching network will hopefully lead to additional collaborative teaching and educational programs as well as collaborative research projects between UMB faculty and their colleagues at other Internet2 member institutions.

To increase research and educational activity through the use of the Internet2 network, and as a result of this increased activity, additional revenues would be generated for UMB. To enhance economic development in the area through the use of the high-speed network connection in Baltimore City, in conjunction with the developing UMB Technology Park. To further expand educational opportunities and information resources to K-12 and other educational organizations in Baltimore.