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Develop Mechanisms to Reduce Costs and Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness
Updated November 2003

To enhance efficiency and effectiveness and reduce the total cost of ownership of Information Technology for CITS, the Schools, and administrative units of the University.


  • To identify and use procurement mechanisms to reduce technology purchase costs, license costs, and support costs.
  • To collaborate on services, where possible and appropriate.
  • To identify and communicate the value-added of technology as it relates to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

 Current State:
Given the current fiscal environment, we need to leverage our collective purchasing power, collaborate on offering services, and be creative in achieving IT efficiencies


Jan. - May 2003
Organized a working group of IT leaders from the schools, administrative areas and CITS that discussed the procurement of IT, and how we might benefit from large volume procurements of goods and services.
Compiled a list of hardware contracts for the purchase of servers, desktops, network equipment, software, and other categories of IT products and supplies.
Developed a spreadsheet that lists the various types of IT peripherals and accessories that are purchased by UMB schools and departments.
Identified maximum and minimum borrowing limits; interest rates and payback periods available through USM Systems Administration.
Identified websites and other methods for finding existing procurement contracts.

June - October
An IT effectiveness and efficiencies study group collected information regarding the efficiencies and effectiveness of IT service offerings in the Schools, Administrative areas, and in CITS.
Recommendations for further savings through IT procurement, service and maintenance strategies were discussed.
Draft documents, addressing past and future IT efficiency and effectiveness, were prepared and discussed.

A final IT Effectiveness and Efficiency report will be sent to the President which documents the collective and collaborative IT efficiencies achieved as well as the achievements within each school, administrative area, and CITS. Also within this report will be recommendations for further savings.

Continued IT efficiencies and effectiveness, and an awareness of the value-added of technology for UMB academic and administrative operations.