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Assistance and Service Center (ASC) Ongoing Support
(April 2003)

Goal: To implement UMB support processes and a central service center providing "tier one" help support as well as training for enterprise-wide systems.


  1. To successfully complete the phase I goal for: eUMB, SIMS, e-mail (UMNet), account management.
  2. To coordinate and collaborate with other HelpDesks across the enterprise to provide effective and quality services.
  3. To provide effective, timely and quality IT Application training in areas identified by the various HelpDesks, End Users and Process Owners.
  4. To proactively inform and educate the campus community on technology upgrades, enhancements and problems.

Current State:
The UMB campus has implemented new enterprise-wide systems for student information management (SIMS), human resources, payroll and commitment accounting (eUMB), consolidated e-mail, instructional technology (Blackboard), and research support. The Assistance and Service Center began operation on October 14, 2002. For more than six months the staff of the Help Desk has been supporting the implementation of these enterprise-wide systems. Additionally, the ASC Enterprise Training Center staff has developed over 8 custom courses including training guides and has delivered over 100 training sessions on the implemented applications. Additionally, the ASC Enterprise Training Center staff have developed and delivered more than 100 training sessions on the implemented applications.

Current State of Help Desk

  • The HelpDesk currently supports SIMS/SURFS, eUMB, Electronic mail (Outlook, Group Wise, UMnet, WebMail and Pine Mail), Research Data Warehouse, BlackBoard, and Lists.
  • For the first quarter, 3370 Help Desk cases were logged with the following statistics: 75% were resolved within 1 day, 83% within 2 days, 86% within 3 days, and 94% within 1 week. Of the 3370 cases, 79% were resolved at the ASC Help Desk while 21% were forwarded to Tier 2 support for resolution.
  • School of Nursing is forwarding their Help Desk phone calls and e-mails to the ASC Help Desk for logging and resolution (or assignment back to the School of Nursing Tier 2 support).
  • Help Desk participated in the SON & SSW Orientations for new students on January 16th. "Review and use of UMNet accounts" was presented and UMNet UserIDs and passwords were distributed to the new students.
  • Help Desk developed a Help Desk marketing brochure for distribution at the Help Desk, in HR and at School Orientations.

April 2003- June 2003

  • To further strengthen operations, plan future support services, and to maintain relationships with other UMB, UMMS, UPI support operations.
  • Continue to support the eUMB enterprise application with hands on sessions with end user in ASTR.
  • To update training materials associated with the phase II implementation of eUMB (Time & Labor and Commitment Accounting).
  • To plan and then implement the customized WLA (Web Learning Assistant) segments for Time & Labor and Commitment Accounting.
  • To continue to capture and report on the most frequent HelpDesk issues and plan for training to address these issues.
  • To assist with orientation programs for new students at various schools.
  • To publish and distribute an ASC Brochure of services available through the Center.
  • To enhance the ASC web page with pertinent information.
  • To evaluate the feasibility of offering web development training courses.
  • To evaluate the feasibility of offering BlackBoard training courses.
  • Continue to support the eUMB enterprise application with end user training in Introduction to eUMB, Departmental Payroll Processing and Commitment Accounting.